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Testimonial Quote
"Regardless, of how we perform this year, please remember that your life is not going to be defined by your ATAR. We will all leave school with a piece of paper that will be quickly forgotten. What will actually last, are the memories and experiences that we have all shared through our schooling journey. There are always teachers and parents that say “Year 12 is best tackled as a team.” But that doesn’t sit right with me. The truth of the matter is that we didn’t tackle this year as a team. The support, the care, the collaboration and respect that we as students showed each other throughout the year isn’t characterised by a team. Its characterised by a family. To the 2019 cohort, good luck and here’s to our unique, weird, little family, I wouldn’t change it for the world. "
Daniel Gilerman, Student: Class of 2019

Academics is just one area in which our students thrive. We offer your child abundant opportunities in which to participate, including academic and co-curricular activities. Rather than trying to 'find' their talents and interests, our students are encouraged to 'create' themselves and develop new competencies in preparation for a world that requires courage, resilience and flexibility.

Your child’s time at school should be happy. We believe that our vibrant learning environment comes from complementing the academic and co-curricular strengths with the three ‘Rs’ of pastoral care: relationships, respect and responsibility. We are proud to be a school where each student is valued as a unique individual and receives carefully considered nurture, support and advice at each stage of their school career.

At Senior school level we find our students naturally start to build group mindedness, where the success of the year is entirely based on the strength of its weakest member. They rally together to pull each other up and achieve the best outcome for all.