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TEDxYouth@ReddamHouse 2021

The live stream of this year's much-anticipated TEDxYouth@ReddamHouse was run on the 24 October at 3.30 pm AEDT.


As the year comes to a close, one event sits as a gargantuan source of excitement: TEDxYouth@ReddamHouse. This year’s topic is “no matter how small.”  This can be viewed here from Sunday, 24th October at 3.30pm AEDT

In a year that’s been locked down and choked by COVID-19, this is a wonderful breath of fresh air. 

New ideas from exciting people, all organised by and supported by Reddam students. 

We’ve been privileged to curate the most powerful lineup yet for our 2021 event: this year being completely free and online! 

Without further ado, let's fully introduce the most important part of the event: our speakers 

Nathan Parker is an Australian icon for perseverance and achievement and was named NSW Young Australian of the Year 2021. Injured during his journey in becoming a fighter pilot, his left-hand amputation led him to learn more about himself and the limits of human will: he went on to graduate, is now a senior flying instructor and won 3 gold medals in the Invictus Games over 2017 and 2018. Nathan will talk about the small adjustments and steps that it took for him to reach and surpass his goals. 

Professor Martin Green is a giant in renewable energy science, winner of the 2021 Japan Prize and one of the leading global authorities and innovators in the field of solar energy (photovoltaics). Professor Green will be talking this year about how small solar cells, scaled into panels, have been providing some of the cheapest electricity in history. 

Katherine Westwood is a founder of ‘The Dinner Ladies’ and a symbol of the Australian home-grown business. Starting from the school pickup with fellow mum Sophie Gilliatt, they have grown from a two-woman operation to a successful state-wide business. Katherine will be talking about the value of starting small. 

Luciano Cardellicchio is a global leader in architectural design and currently serves as a senior lecturer at UNSW for Architectural Construction, with heavy work experience and educated in Europe. 

He will be talking about the small principles that govern the longevity of our important buildings. 

Jahin Tanvir was awarded Young Canberra Citizen of the Year for his extensive volunteering work and community involvement. He will be talking about how small changes in the face of adversity are the key to success. 

Manasi Patil is a global changemaker and young author, publishing two books before the age of 15, speaking about the small leaps necessary to fulfil your goals. She speaks at international writing conferences and is passionate about the literary potential of young people around the world. 

Mia Seisun is one of our own, a Reddam student and esteemed public speaker who has been continually active in our school and her local community about women’s issues. She will be talking about the danger of stigmatizing menstruation. 

Victor Xu is another Reddam student in our 2022 cohort and aspiring actor, motivated to speak on his insights regarding human legacy and how it is the small things in life that count. 

Show up on October 24th 3:30pm on Youtube Live to see our speakers give their presentations and interact in some live Q&A sessions. This will be an event that won’t disappoint.