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Protecting Your Family Online

Sydneysiders have been working remotely from home since early June and it is timely that we review or put in place the safety measures needed to protect you and your children while online.

Online Learning - CyberSecurity

Reddam House has partnered with Family Zone to provide our families with exceptional protection and filters to keep students safe on the Internet. But the filters are only part of the safety equation. Cyber experts focus on the ‘when’ children get exposed to questionable material not ‘if’ and for this reason it is ideal that families speak about issues and are well prepared for any adverse exposure or nefarious activities which might be undertaken on the Internet.

From accidental search terms to in-game content, parents are encouraged to be more engaged in what is actually happening on their children’s devices. 

If you feel like you could be doing more and don’t know where to start, this simple online quiz will assist in alerting you to some of the issues you may be taking for granted or might have overlooked. A bit of time spent here could save a lot of time and heartache later and will promote your cyber peace of mind. 


Our CyberSafetyHub has guides for all areas of concern while being in cyberspace; from App specific issues to bullying to managing your sensitive information, this is a resource that is bound to help a lot of families.  

Family Zone
Family Zone

To find out more about Family Zone and get started with protecting your family go to the Reddam House Cyber Safety Hub