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Fit for All

Sydney's latest lockdown has had Reddam students doing online learning for over the past 6 weeks. This takes a physical toll on our children and with at least 4 more weeks in sight, we are thrilled with the F45 Training fitness packages they have been given.


Online Fitness at Reddam House

Sydney's latest lockdown has had Reddam students and staff engaged in online learning over the past 6 weeks. This week they received the gift of fitness from F45 Training.

Former teacher Tenzing Tsewang was the key driving force behind this collaboration and generous donation. All staff and students in Year 5 and Year 6 as well as in the High School were given equipment to help look after their bodies while in lockdown. A massive coordinated effort was undertaken to have students and staff individually collect their 45kg packs from the School.

Included in the HIIT package are kettlebells, barbells, stretching straps, resistance bands and floor cones. These are sure to provide a challenge for all levels of fitness across our students.

Mr Kable, Mr Cooper and the Sports Department will incorporate this equipment into the PE lessons for each year group. Exercise videos will follow giving students and parents the opportunity to set up their own home gym and exercise regime. 

Reddam acknowledges that a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand-in-hand and this is a perfect way for us to help students during this time. While many apps exist which utilise these LIIT kits, like ‘Battlefit’, care must be taken to use the weights effectively and safely.

These could not have come at a better time for not only the student’s physical but mental wellbeing. 

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