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Concours D'Arts 2021

This year's International Concours d'Arts competition has seen success amongst several of Sydney's student entries.

Concours D'Arts 2021

This year, many of our students entered the international Concours D'Arts eisteddfod. This is run from Reddam House Bedfordview through an online worldwide platform, and included students from fellow Inspired schools worldwide, from countries as far as Belgium, South Africa, New Zealand, Spain, Peru and Oman. We are proud to announce that our students have won a number of individual sections, as well as overall medals.

The full Gala Awards announcement can be viewed here: Concours D'Arts Gala Awards 2021

Winners of Individual Sections

  • Eason Yuan: Classical Instrumental, Own Choice Year 2
  • Ruby Zhang: Classical Instrumental, Romantic Year 2
  • Jesse Joye: Classical Instrumental, Own Choice Year 5
  • Janie Kogan: Contemporary Vocal, Musicals Year 5
  • Dean Pulmano: Classical Vocal, Traditional/Folk Year 5
  • Isabella Winkler: Contemporary Instrumental, Jazz and Blues Year 5
  • Mae Angus: Contemporary Vocal, Popular Year 7
  • Tadhg Kalowski: Contemporary Instrumental, Own Choice Year 8
  • Sylvia Waugh: Contemporary Instrumental, Jazz and Blues Year 8
  • Felix Coster: Classical Instrumental, 20th/21st Century Year 9
  • Michael Goldberg: Classical Instrumental, Classical Year 9
  • Terence Zhang:
    • Classical Instrumental, Own Choice Year 9
    • Classical Instrumental, Romantic Year 9
  • Liam Docker: Contemporary Instrumental, Jazz and Blues Year 10
  • Frankie Kogan: Classical Instrumental, Romantic Year 10
  • Kate Aruman:
    • Contemporary Vocal, Musicals Year 12
    • Classical Vocal, 20th/21st Century Year 12
  • Gerard Buttigieg: Contemporary Instrumental, Own Choice Year 12
  • Nicole Geller: Classical Vocal, Romantic Year 12
  • Jordan Sarkis: Classical Traditional/Arias Year 12

Special Overall Awards

  • Section Winner Grade 10-12: Kate Aruman
  • Overall Best Performance in Vocal Music: Kate Aruman
  • Overall Best Performance Grade K-3: Eason Yuan
  • Overall Best Performance Grade 4-7: Jesse Joye
  • Overall Best Performance Grade 8-9: Sylvia Waugh
  • Overall Best Performance Grade 10-12: Kate Aruman

Congratulations to all the talented students who entered the competition.