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Anything Goes - Reddam House High School Musical

This amazing performance features the best of our Reddam House vocalists, actors and dancers. Including live music by our talented orchestra. It offers frivolous escapism in the midst of difficult times.  

Anything Goes Poster

Each year, one of the highlights of the school calendar is undeniably the High School production. Every year the Reddam House community is blown away by the sheer talent and hard work demonstrated by our students, and the ability to present what is easily described as a professional production. Working together as cast, crew, orchestra, costume department, and hair & make up teams, these students prepare for only a few short weeks before pulling out an absolute show stopper, every time.

The same can be said of our most recent production, the Broadway classic Anything Goes. A lot of the usual events on the school calendar have been impacted by COVID-19 over the past two years, however luckily only one High School Production has been cancelled. This year, the battle was with illness and isolation periods without large portions of personnel, however our students rose to the challenge and audience members were in fact shocked by the ability to produce something that was possibly even better than previous productions. The heart ache, frustration, and turmoil of the past two years melted away by our students' show of discipline, hard work, perfect comic timing, beautiful musicianship and energised performances. A huge congratulations to these fine students on delivering an event of which Reddam is so very proud.