Sport is for life

At Reddam, we aim to inspire a lifelong love of sport and physical activity.


Variety & Opportunity

All students have the chance to represent their school in competitive weekend sport. On top of this Reddam offers a host of non-competitive options. Students have the opportunity to participate in everything from Surfing to Rock Climbing.

Inspirational Staff

Passionate, motivated, and caring staff give every child, beginner to elite, the opportunity to find success in their chosen sporting arena.

Pathways to Success

"Our Swimming, Athletics, and Cross Country carnivals provide the opportunity for students to represent their House with pride. "

PDHPE aims to develop in each student the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes needed to lead a healthy, safe and active lifestyle. In order to achieve these objectives, our programme is designed to provide the basis for students to adopt responsible and productive roles in society. The PDHPE program promotes participation in regular and varied physical activity with the focus on inculcating a sporting culture that creates unity amongst students, improves leadership skills, develops positive relationships, and elevates the individual’s overall well-being and health.