Ballet at Reddam House, is an exciting venture for our students. This is offered to students from K to 6 as an alternative to Physical Education lessons.

The department is committed to pursuing excellence in ballet tuition, classical technique including pre-pointe and pointe work and performance which transitions the students to perform in an annual Ballet production with conviction, passion and confidence.

The aim of the ballet course at Reddam House is to engage the students, kinaesthetically, kinetically, spatially, visually, inter and intra-personally. The objective is to offer Ballet as a dedicated elective subject for all students wishing to participate with the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus to achieve and maintain a strong classical technique for all dance, and explore the children’s creative potential. Classes will be set around two hours weekly. The class has a strong emphasis on the classical technique, stretching and strengthening the body incorporating Pilates Mat work. During this time the teacher will provide a thorough and personalised guidance to each member of the class. The elective has adopted the RAD syllabus as it has a strong focus on creating the foundations for dancers. As there is a strong emphasis on technique, Open Syllabus class is also taught and designed to focus on and perfect certain movements.


Classes will provide:

  • Basic classical technique, eg: knowledge of the positions of the feet, positions of the arms, terminology
  • Barre work, eg: plies, tendues, etc
  • Centre practice

  • Pirouettes in the centre and travelling from the corner

  • Allegro, petite and grande allegro

  • Free movement and improvisation

  • Character Studies

  • Pointe and pre-pointe

  • Variations and repertoire

The objectives and guidelines for choosing Ballet as an elective subject is to educate the student with a commitment to develop:

  • Basic understanding of the terminology of ballet
  • A strong understanding and demonstration of classical ballet technique
  • Posture
  • Motor Skills
  • Co-ordination

  • Discipline

  • Movement to music and musicality

  • Mime

  • Improvisation

  • Balance

  • Transference of weight