At Reddam House, we believe that all children have some form of creative talent or interest. Our role as the specialist teacher is to nurture, encourage and develop these creative interests, which we believe will ultimately help them grow as artists while assisting and enhancing their life long love and appreciation of creativity, aesthetics, artmaking, design, and higher-order lateral thinking.

Visual and Media Arts are taught in purpose-built studios. These spaces are well resourced with the latest equipment, technology and supplies.

The Visual and Media Arts program at Reddam House is based upon the NSW Board of Studies Creative Arts K–6 Syllabus and the Australian National Curriculum. The units of work are sequential from Kindergarten through to Year Six.

Students explore various mediums, materials and technologies in the studios, including animation, film and television, glass art, photography, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, game and app development, 3D printing, painting and graphic design.

Through creating in Visual Arts, the students explore and develop their interests, feelings, insights and responses to the world. Students explore a variety of mediums and technologies, where they will acquire both skills and knowledge that are developed through the works they create. Creating allows students to develop their interests, talents and abilities, and experience the pleasure and the satisfaction of working with artistic processes, materials, technologies and ideas.

In Media Arts, students explore the study of human communication through film, photography, video, audio, computer/digital arts, and interactive media. Students focus on units such as entrepreneurship and graphic design, 3D design and printing, advertising, animation, digital storyboarding and more. Creatively, students employ the elements of space, time, light, motion, colour, and sound to express their perspectives, feelings and ideas.

Visual and Media Art theory and appreciation provides the students with the opportunity to look at, talk, read and write about artists and artworks as well as creative technologies. It also helps the students to develop their skills in discovering the meanings and ideas behind advertising, images and artworks.

Creative students at Reddam House also have the opportunity to extend their artistic experiences through our co-curricular and enrichment program. These extra creative sessions provide specialised support in developing skills in numerous areas of art and creative technologies. The students also have the opportunity to extend their creativity and be influenced by industry leaders in a variety of artistic fields during our Creative Arts Festival. Previous workshops have included coding, engineering, book illustration, glass art, architecture, jewellery making, animation, photography, film and television and 3D printing and design.

Students at Reddam House Woollahra are encouraged to enter and exhibit their works in a range of Regional, National and International competitions as well as exhibitions. Reddam House has had much success over the years with many students selected as either a finalist or placing in numerous creative competitions. Including, The Art Gallery of NSW Young Archie Competition, 1-Minute Film Competition, Wombat Books Illustration Challenge, Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, Little Things Art Prize - Saint Cloche Gallery, Paddington, ATOM Photographic Competition and more.