...through the Arts they [students] gain access to the real world and to other possible imaginative worlds, and make coherent meaning and order for themselves…

— Ewing, Robyn (2010), The Arts and Australian Education: Realising Potential. Australian Council for Educational Research.

Drama teaches students to think creatively, to communicate clearly, to problem solve, to empathise, to critically evaluate and to inspire personal confidence. These are skills for life.

At Reddam House, Drama is a significant and flourishing part of our school community.
Our expert teachers provide students with an abundance of opportunities to develop their performance skills as they study a number of theatre styles deepening their practical and theoretical knowledge of theatre from across the world and in their own backyard. Students create performance, analyse interpret and act out scripts, and engage in the study of theatre design. Our Drama Department nurtures the growing confidence of students and encourages the development of social and communication skills that will enrich every aspect of their personal and professional lives. Our students have used their Drama experience at Reddam House to carve out acting careers appearing in professional films, theatre productions and TV commercials.

Our Middle School program engages students with a range of experiences crafting their awareness of playwrights and directors and informing their contribution to the history of theatre. Students learn to embody a wide variety of characters and situations devising theatrical performances that engage, challenge and entertain their audience. We offer Drama to all students across Years 7–8 with classes once a week, and as an elective subject in Year 9.