Dance in the Middle School at Reddam House is more than a subject to be studied as part of the curriculum. It is a vibrant community that celebrates all kinds of artists, from all kinds of backgrounds and levels of experience.

When Dance is studied within the school curriculum as an elective subject, it is discovered under 3 main components - Performance, Composition and Appreciation. Each component informs the other and a mixture of practical and theoretical lessons take place to deepen the skills and understanding required for students to truly embrace the artform of Dance.

In Performance, an understanding of the moving body and the relationship between technique, the elements of dance, performance quality and artistic interpretation are essential to the study. Weekly technique classes allow students to learn about the skills and stylistic qualities related to a range of dance styles.

In conjunction with practical performance classes, students will also learn about anatomy, safe dance practices and body maintenance. Each year group will develop up to two class pieces throughout the year, which will then be performed at the annual End of Year Dance Showcase at NIDA in Term 4.

In Composition lessons, students apply the theories of the compositional process to creating their own choreography. In these classes there is a focus on learning how to communicate stories and ideas through organised movement.

Lessons involve guided improvisation and task based exercises that help students to become familiar with the language of Dance and confident in their own movement expression. The emphasis is on creativity and individuality in a safe and supportive environment where there is no right or wrong.

The Appreciation component of the Dance course at Reddam House includes learning about the history of Dance, important pioneers of various Dance styles and Dance analysis.

In combination, all three component areas require students to perform, compose, plan, create, collaborate, analyse, appreciate, speak and write about Dance. When we teach Dance at Reddam we are committed to supporting the individuality of each student, identifying their potential and helping them to expand it beyond their wildest dreams. The aim is for dancers to understand the power of movement and how dance can be used not only to improve fitness and mental function, but to ask questions, express ideas and have fun!

To be a part of the tribe students can choose to take Dance as an Elective subject from Yr 8 (all the way to HSC level) or choose to participate in the Dance instead of Sport option and the extra curricular Dance Academy program, which includes after school classes in a range of styles.

Reddam also offers the opportunity to be a member of Performance Company groups that perform at various eisteddfods, showcases and festivals throughout the year.