Visual Art provides a place for students to express their thoughts and ideas in response to the world around them.

— Reddam House, Australia

Middle School Visual Arts encourages all students to reach their potential and advance their skills and understandings. The Middle School Art Studios provide a place for students to express their thoughts and ideas in response to the world around them and gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of visual culture. In this space, student achievement, individuality, enjoyment, creativity and independent learning are celebrated. Students are guided to evaluate the aesthetic possibilities of their works to achieve ultimate technical finesse and complex conceptual layers.

These technical and conceptual skills are further cemented by the numerous co-curricular programmes offered by the Visual Arts Department. The Studio Art Academy runs before school and offers students the opportunity to experiment, play and discover more in their artmaking practice. Art After Hours is a program where students visit current exhibitions at local galleries. This is a time where students get to engage with works in the flesh to gain a deeper understanding of artworks and the intention of artists. Further to this, students in Years 7–9 have whole year group excursions to prominent Sydney galleries including the Art Gallery of NSW.

Year 9 Elective Art students are also given the experience of a three-day art retreat to Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon Trust on the NSW South Coast. Bundanon is a location which offers students the opportunity to experience art in a new and exciting context, outside of classrooms and gallery spaces. The students stay in Glen Murcutt architecturally designed accommodation and work with artists in large open workshop spaces, which also include the natural bush surrounds of the Australian landscape.

Students from Year 8 to Year 11 also come together collaboratively for an optional Art Retreat to Hamilton Island where students do photography, environmental sculpture, drawing and watercolour workshops in the lush, tropical environment. They also work with the artist in residence at the Hamilton Island Art Gallery to create an acrylic painting.

The classroom and co-curricular activities at the Middle School campus set the stage for student advancement in the senior school.

Art is one of the most creative ways of expressing human experience

— Reddam House, Australia