Our philosophy is quite simple: "get involved, work hard and have fun!" We encourage the students to do a variety of sports from a young age and specialise in the sports that suit them best as they grow older. Our hope is that they will continue to play sport once they leave Reddam House.

The students in the High School are offered a wide range of sports throughout the year. Most sports are seasonal but we play basketball and surf all year round. In Summer we play basketball, water polo, cricket, tennis, touch football, futsal, fencing and surfing. Winter involves rugby, soccer, netball, basketball and surfing. We offer teams at various levels to cater for the needs of all of the students ranging from beginners to the elite level. Our training occurs close to school at local facilities either before or after school. Sport is played Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. Most of our students play more than one sport during the season.

Reddam students have a pathway to a representative level via CDSSA, AICES and NSWCIS. Over the years we have had many representatives with our very best representing The Australian Schools Teams.

Coupled with our sports program we run an extensive academies program. This enables the students to partake in recreational activities that will enhance their well being on a lifelong basis. Included in this program are activities such as learning to surf, stand up paddle boarding, sailing, rock climbing, mountain biking, gym training, yoga and dance.