...through the Arts they [students] gain access to the real world and to other possible imaginative worlds, and make coherent meaning and order for themselves…

Ewing, Robyn (2010).
Australian Education Review: The Arts and Australian Education: Realising Potential.
Australian Council for Educational Research.

Drama is a significant and flourishing part of our school community. Our expert teachers provide students with an abundance of opportunities for Senior School students to develop their performance skills as they study a number of theatre styles deepening their practical and theoretical knowledge of theatre from across the world and in their own backyard. Students create performance, analyse, interpret and act out scripts, and engage in the study of theatre design.

Our Drama Department nurtures the growing confidence of students and encourages the development of social and communication skills that will enrich every aspect of their personal and professional lives. Some of our senior students have used their Drama experience at Reddam House to carve out acting careers appearing in professional films, theatre productions and TV commercials. Senior students engage in advanced studies of Drama in Years 10 and 11 learning in a practical and theoretical way about the philosophies and techniques of influential theatre practitioners, building skills in devising theatre, acting and the critical evaluation of performance. They may then select the subject for HSC study. Reddam House consistently achieves outstanding HSC Drama results with students being awarded marks in the top bands. Each year many of our students are nominated for OnSTAGE, the annual presentation of New South Wales schools’ exemplary work.

Annually, senior students are able to audition for the Reddam House school musical which is performed at the end of Term 1 in an off-site professional venue. Directed by one of our Drama teachers, in collaboration with the Music and Dance departments, this is an exciting opportunity for many students to perform in and provide technical support for this production. Reddam House also stages a Senior Drama production every year involving students from Years 10 and 11 who rehearse and perform in a full length play. This production is staged at an external professional theatre venue. Our students are also able to access the Theatresports Academy where they are taught by expert tutors and learn the fundamental skills of improvisation and performance. Some students go on to represent Reddam House at Theatresports Interschool competitions. Lastly, Theatre Club is an opportunity for elective Drama students to attend a selected season of professional theatre productions throughout the year at various theatres around Sydney such as Sydney Theatre Company, Belvoir Street and Griffin Theatre. Seeing live productions compliments the students practical study and enables them to appreciate and critically evaluate a variety of different styles of professionally produced theatre.