Our students are passionate, dedicated and exceptional individuals thoroughly absorbed in the process of making art… telling stories, sharing ideas and showing their unique view of the world

— Laurellen Symonds , HEAD OF DEPT

Visual Arts is a highly successful and engaging subject for our Reddam Senior Artists. Our senior students are always a diverse and extraordinary group, with students working in a range of expressive forms – from drawing to painting, printmaking to photography and film to graphic design and sculpture. Our students are guided through programs which offer both a traditional and contemporary way of working and looking at the artworld.

Individual conceptualisation and interpretation is celebrated as each student develops as an individual with their own set of unique skills. The vast majority of Reddam Visual Arts students consistently place in the top 10% of the state, achieving a Band 6 (above 90%) in the HSC Examination in Visual Arts. Every year we also have several students who are nominated for Art Express (the exhibition that exhibits top level artworks from the HSC).

Our Art Retreat program is exceptional:

  • Year 10 explore the Quarantine Station at Manly. This site offers wonderful historic and visual influences for a range of artmaking experiences. As Year 10 expands into the world of Visual Arts, this is a fantastic opportunity to develop a diverse range of new skills and their own individual styles. Photographic, sculptural and drawing workshops are conducted in a wide variety of situations such as along the foreshore of Sydney Harbour.
  • Year 11 travel south and have a ‘Back to Bundanon’ experience at Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon and Riversdale properties where they engage in all the wonders that the property has to offer including an artistic program aimed at transitioning the students from Year 11 into HSC Visual Arts. Students have a major focus on drawing and printmaking from traditional to experimental techniques, working closely with the Bundanon art educators and bonding with their like-minded peers which makes artistic discussion flourish.
  • Year 12 visit Hobart to experience MONA (the Museum of Old and New Art). Students are always enthralled by experiencing the contemporary nature of the installation works within the gallery space. Year 12 Students use the gallery as a direct influence for their art theory work which greatly enhances their knowledge and understanding of art practice for the HSC.

Our senior art students have produced award-winning entries in web-based, local, national and international art competitions. They have also enjoyed investigating the world of influential artists, gaining a deep knowledge of their works and developing the ability to use the process of art analysis and art criticism to view the world in new and exciting ways.

Our Reddam artists are consistently challenging themselves to produce sophisticated and innovative art works. They are versatile and resourceful, being able to handle a wide range of art-making practices whilst integrating complex concepts. Our students work in this way because they are passionate, inspired and thrive in the environment of the Reddam House studio.

Through creative learning, our students develop the ability to think creatively in all aspects of their life and present creative solutions to all problems they face.

The vast majority of our students consistently place in the top 10% of the State, achieving a Band 6 (above 90%) in the HSC Examination in Visual Arts.

— Reddam International School, Australia

‘Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep’.

— Reddam International School, Australia

Students use art as a means of telling stories, sharing ideas and showing their unique view of the world.

— Reddam International School, Australia