Early Learning School

A Reggio Emelia inspired approach to early learning, building nurturing relationships, encouraging independent investigation and championing discussion and discovery.

Inspired by the internationally renowned Reggio Emilia philosophy, we embrace an early learning approach where the child is placed at the centre of learning in a safe and nurturing environment.

Young children from age one to six are invited to explore their environment and express themselves through many ‘languages’ or different ways of expression, including words, movement, drawing, painting, sculpture, shadow play, collage, and music. Within the Reggio Emilia philosophy, children are encouraged to engage in their innate curiosity with each variation in investigation being considered valuable and thus children are given access to many tools and media to express themselves.

The school collaborates with the family and community to support the individual child's growth and learning. Our skilled and engaged teachers are committed to reflection about their own teaching and learning.