Cycle Tests

Formal academic assessment commences in Year 3. Reddam House undertakes Cycle Tests which are an excellent revision tool for our students. These are taken under formal examination conditions and form the largest component of the student's term mark.

They allow us to track our student's progress and provide in-depth feedback to parents and carers about a child's academic development.

Cycle Tests take place regularly and are an essential part of our unique teaching programme. The function of these tests is to produce a snap-shot of what a student has achieved. Carers are required to sight and sign the outcome of these tests, so they are informed of how their child/ward is progressing academically.

They provide invaluable practice in being able to complete a set task within a limited time frame and aid in performing successfully in examinations. The tests are also used as diagnostic tools to let teachers, students and parents know what has been mastered and to flag further areas needing consolidation.

A timetable of cycle tests is provided to each child at the beginning of the term.


In addition to regular benchmark testing, students in Year 3 – 11 write an examination at the end of each semester. This benefits students in preparation for the HSC but also aids in allowing children the time to review and consolidate the work they have completed during the previous terms. Examinations account for the largest component of a student's year mark. 

Reddam House provides 4 annual formal reports to parents.