At Reddam House Middle School our holistic philosophy to education encourages an independent approach to learning, and a growth mindset where students embrace all facets of the curriculum with a focused effort on improvement. Academic, pastoral, cultural and sporting pursuits, are shaped in an original way to strengthen each student's self-confidence.

The academic program is delivered by vocational teachers who have expertise in their subject area, pedagogy, and adolescence and this accounts for the respectful and relational dynamic between teachers and students. Middle School students in Years 7 and 8 gain experience in a range of core subjects including English, Mathematics, History, Geography, PDHPE, Design and Technology, Drama, Music, Visual Arts, and Public Speaking; a school-based subject developing articulate student voices.

In Years 7 and 8, students are offered a range of core subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, PDHPE, Design and Technology, Drama, Music, Visual Arts, and Public Speaking.

Year 7 students also choose two electives. Students may choose between French; beginners and continuers, Chinese; beginners and continuers, and Hebrew for their first elective, and then PDHPE has four lessons per fortnight (one theory and three practical). For the practical component, students can choose between Dance and Physical Education as their second elective.

Year 8 students have one elective allowing more in-depth study of their chosen area of interest. Students may choose from Digital Media, Dance, French, Chinese, Hebrew and Entrepreneurship. In Year 9, English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, PDHPE, Leadership and Public Speaking are compulsory. In addition, students choose two electives from Commerce, Drama, Dance, Visual Arts (including Digital Media), Music, French and Information & Software Technology. Enrichment activities take place in all subjects and classes, while Extension courses are offered in English, Mathematics, Science and Music.

Arrangements have also been made to allow students to study their ethnic language and maintain their cultural heritage. Instead of one of the Year 9 elective, it may also be possible for students to undertake the study of a foreign language.

Reddam House Middle school provides opportunities for enrichment and rigour, consolidation of content and development of skills in preparation for the latter stages of the Australian curriculum in a variety of ways: a cognitive and reflective research-based approach to assessing is adopted with the Cycle Test Programme, a weekly test (on a rotational basis for all academic subjects) under exam conditions for all students in Years 7–9.

This is a diagnostic tool that provides our teachers with data that allows for early intervention and for the development of strategies that can be implemented to facilitate student performance. Furthermore, the Academic Tutorial Programme, provided by each teacher, once a week, outside of class time, allows for early remediation and individualised attention.